It is said by wise sages that one must never talk about religion or politics and yet today it is all we hear about. I don’t want to add to the bevy of today’s harsh and self-righteous voices. But on March 19th at 09:30:12 PM exactly started the Persian New […]

Happy Easter from Grandma Shaman!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! As a child raised in New York City, St. Patrick’s Day was a big thing. There was a green line painted on Fifth Avenue and a huge parade. Most of all it was a holiday away from the boredom and harshness of my elementary school. I […]

St. Patrick’s Day Musings

I’m amazed how negative energy really affects me. Does it you? Have you found a way to wall yourself from its harmful effects? That’s why l loved the nuns at my boarding school in Canada. They created an energy of acceptance and safety for me. In that atmosphere, I truly […]

Lady Gaga and me

Dr. Mayra Fernandez, Founder and Director of Stepping Stones for Success, is the poster lady for turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones. From a childhood that promised only a dead-end barrio life, this feisty, dynamic multi-lingual fireball pulled herself up by the bootstraps, earned a doctoral degree in Multicultural Education […]

Who is Dr. Mayra Fernández?

Facing death or any other tragic event, humans are ruled by their cultures much more than by their temperaments. Odd, isn’t it? Let’s contemplate death. I received an email from a dear Caucasian friend. Her beloved niece is dying of brain cancer. She has told us that the family wants to […]

Death, a Cultural Look

Let’s talk about Balance and its importance in our lives. For us busy 21st century women who have to keep all those balls up in the air at the same time, balance is crucial to our emotional and spiritual well being. In the mean time I’d like to share what I […]

Balance for Life!