So I do have gobs of children. Why? I love the sight of a child. Looking and being with children reminds me of God’s love and absolute perfect creation. And I wanted lots of them. Why? When I myself was just a kid, I had promised myself that I would […]

Children: Our Teachers

April 1, 2016 This is the place where I currently write most of my work.  With me is Ash, my daughter Emily’s dog who in this photo shows him with his dunce cap because of his recent operation. This photo like most photos if looked at with the inner eye […]

April Fools 2016

It is said by wise sages that one must never talk about religion or politics and yet today it is all we hear about. I don’t want to add to the bevy of today’s harsh and self-righteous voices. But on March 19th at 09:30:12 PM exactly started the Persian New […]

Happy Easter from Grandma Shaman!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! As a child raised in New York City, St. Patrick’s Day was a big thing. There was a green line painted on Fifth Avenue and a huge parade. Most of all it was a holiday away from the boredom and harshness of my elementary school. I […]

St. Patrick’s Day Musings